The Complexities Within


You totally have to watch this video: Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell. A colleague sent ti to me. It’s an animation done by XVIVO, a scientific animation company, for Harvard biology students. It took academic data and narrative from the biology lab and Harvard, and made it in a way that simple folks like you an I can look at it. Simply put, it’s an animation of what’s goin on in the human body. “All of those things that you see in the animation are going on in every one of your cells in your body all the time,” says XVIVO lead animator John Liebler (see linked article above). Wow.
So, again I am astounded by the complexity of the body. To think, all of that is going on inside of our bodies…. For me, it points even more so to an awesome God, who knit us all together carefully and completely.
Hope you like it!