Gilmore Girls Ban


It’s official. After last week’s Gilmore Girl’s episode, I have officially decided to ban the show. You’re talking to a girl who owns seasons 1-6 on DVD (but I got season 6 a little begrudgingly…). The problem with Gilmore Girls is that after season 5, the characters started acting like complete idiots. Lorelai, who was usually somewhat intelligent, suddenly started making blaringly obvious idiotic choices. Rory, who always knew her direction in life, became a faltering barrel of emotion. While the other characters haven’t irritated me as much as those two, having the two main characters suddenly go stupid has made me say enough is enough.
I refuse to watch the show.
The Gilmore Girls fan club is putting together a campaign to make sure there is a season 8 of the show. I’m tempted to start a “let it die before it gets worse” campaign.
I would mark the death of the show beginning when the original writers, Amy Sherman-Palladino & her husband Daniel, packed up and left. The writing at that point became like a checklist of things to include. “Lorelai makes another stupid decision – check. Seven to ten remarks about something current and hip – check.” You get the point.
I’m having major issues with the television industry not giving space for it’s best writers to be great. I mean, cancelling Firefly was bad enough. Cancelling Futurama was also unforgiveable (luckily, it’s making a comeback). I’m sure we could all go on and on about the quality shows that got cancelled. The roller coaster of falling in love with a show, only to have it yanked out from under you, actually makes me consider avoiding television altogether. Then, I could spare myself the pain. Maybe just stick to movies instead.
Josh has started a new addiciton in me, Heroes. I’m enjoying the X-men-like storyline and action/adventure parts of it. This is a character-driven show, which is my favorite type, and the actors pull it off very well. But, when I watch it, I still have this underlying fear that it will get pulled off television, or that the writers will get fired and replaced by someone less expensive as soon as the show has a good following, or that the producers will want their nieces in the show even though they can’t act, or that some financial backer will only give money if a giant mechanical spider is written into the script… Sigh.