Getting Much Closer to Done!


Well, I have two months left. Two trecherous, painful months until I can arrive on the other side of my master’s degree standing tall with a keen focus on my future. Or, perhaps I will just be weathered from my many trials, curled in the fetal position singing quietly to myself. Not sure of the outcome yet, but I’m hoping for the former.
As of yesterday, my portfolio is officially finished. I got the sucker up and posted at

So, there’s the proof that I didn’t just drop off the planet for the last two years. I’ve actually been doing something, lots of things actually, and here they are in a tidy little website. If that doesn’t depress a person to see her entire life in a few nicely aligned columns, I don’t know what will. But, it is good to know that progress is being made and that I am nearing the end of my goal. I still have an insane amount of things to finish up in the next two months (maybe insane is too weak of a word?). But, better two months than ten, right?
I was eating lunch with some people at work the other day and they were all talking about the new episodes of television shows that are supposedly really popular right now, but that I’ve never heard of. I finally figured out that it’s because I have essentially been off of the planet for the last two years — when these shows came on the air. It’s as though I still think Swiss Family Robinson is the popular family hit, when now it’s Norbit… er… or whatever the kids are watching these days. Okay, not that bad, but still.
Then it dawned on me. These people, these “normal” people, have time to watch television. And to watch it regularly. I suddenly got really excited (and a little panicked) at the prospect that people actually have gobs and gobs of free time with which they can do whatever they please. GOBS. Actually, I consider having a half hour to watch a television show to be a huge blessing, so you get my point. I currently have no time and certainly no gobs of it.
After this master’s degree, I may have a few gobs of free time. And how will I spend it? I’m considering some hobbies. The other day I was at Border’s and I actually picked up a book on knitting. KNITTING. (Don’t worry though, I put it down after scanning the table of contents, then slowly backed away from the general craftiness section). I also considered golf. GOLF. It’s most likely that I will just fall back into the hobbies I knew and loved before my master’s degree came and killed them off. Things like volleyball, surfing, cooking, gardening, reading (books I actually want to read), hanging out with other people (gasp!), and perhaps even watching movies.
The prospect of being able to enjoy my free time amazes and boggles my mind. But, I’ll have to slowly ease myself back into the waters of real life lest it put my body into some kind of permanent shock.