Hearing Educational Blunders


Well, I just received two of my favorite e-mails from another professional in my district. Our students just did the hearing screening and we were notified of the results.
E-mail #1: “*Student’s Name* just failed the hearing test in his left ear. Please make sure that he is seated in the class so that his left ear is facing you.”
LOL. I imagined me tying a string to his stool and always turning his stool so his left ear faced me as an educational accommodation.
E-mail #2: “*Student’s Name* just failed the vision screening test in both ears. Please seat him at the front of the room.”
WHAT?!?!?! Josh imagined them blindfolding a child, then asking him to read the vision poster on the wall by listenting to it. Heh, this’ll keep me chuckling for days…