Choose Your Business Name Wisely


Josh and I have been considering starting our own business, but choosing a name is a huge decision. So, you have to look at your business model, project what you may be doing in the future (especially as technology changes effect what you do), and consider how a name encompasses what you do. Maybe that’s why Google works so well, because they do like a hundred+ different things, so the name is appropriate. Or a name like Apple, actual apples are not really related to technology, so they can continue to reshape or redefine what their name means.
Consider a local Cupertino business: $1.95 Cleaners. Their name is bad because, what happens with inflation? Or, as their new banner suggests, “Shirts $1.25.” So… does their name reflect or not reflect the price of their services? It confuses me because not everything is $1.95 and it complicates my shopping there. Like having stuff for $3 at the dollar store.
Another local business is called Just Nails. It’s obviously a place for manicures, pedicures, and the like. But, then they added a sign under their sign: “Now with Hair Salon.” It blew my mind. I was like, But you are JUST NAILS! And now you do HAIR!?!?!?!” Their name didn’t lend much credibility to their ability to do hair and seemed to distract from their original, simple purpose. Nails.
I’m considering different business names and how they impact the ability to grow and expand, to reshape with the times. But also to give a fairly clear indication of what, exactly, it is that the business offers the consumer. We have some ideas. Maybe we’ll call it “Just Josh, (Now with Stephanie!).” That would be a cool business name.