My Cropped Career


Since Josh announced our impending parenthood, I have found myself lacking pants that will actually button. It all started one morning as I pulled up my favorite jeans and sucked in my belly only to realize that I still couldn’t button them. So, I went for the next pair on my shelf only to have the same thing happen. Apparently, most of my pants are the exact same size, and my belly expanded just enough to exceed them overnight. As I fought the nervous breakdown (“How can I go to work without pants!?!?!”), Josh came to my aide and gave me a budget to spend on maternity clothes. I love a man that wants his wife to be comfortable and happy during pregnancy.
It’s HARD to find maternity clothes that (1) don’t make you look like a hippie, (2) are reasonably priced, and (3) don’t make you look like an overweight golfer. But, I found that JCPenney was the best for my budget and style. Unfortunately, my favorite pair of pants has a horrible name that Josh laughs at every time I wear them.
The Cropped Career Pants.
What worse name could you give a pair of maternity pants? Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that. The point is, every time I put them on, I hear Josh in the back of my head, “Well, there goes your career.”