Do You Want to Swap Your iPhone?


vphone.jpgEven thought I don’t personally own an iPhone, my husband has graced me with the pleasure of using his on occasion (assuming my hands are clean with no residue that would require excessive cleansing of the screen). Today, I saw for the first time the iPhone’s big competitor, the chocolate by Verizon.
I mean, check out the sweet highlights of this phone:

  • 4 gigs of memory! If only I could find one that had 8. Oh well.
  • A sliding number pad. With a track dial for your music! Seriously, track dials are SO 2006.
  • You can download songs straight to your phone using VCAST. And don’t we all want to use VCAST? You can download the music direct to your phone, or your Microsoft XP or Vista PC!
  • You can use VCAST Videos to watch things selected by Verizon for you to see! No more painful thinking!
  • It’s VZ Navigator capable. You can get directions on it! (Oh… except this phone actually has GPS, which is actually nice in a non-sarcastic way.)
  • My personal favorite – send and receive e-mail! You can choose between MSN, AOL, or Hotmail! Isn’t that what everyone uses? Oh, and you can send e-mail using the NUMBER KEYPAD! Yeah!
  • And, a 1.3 megapixel camera! Because 1.3 megapixels is… um… pretty crappy!

I e-mailed Josh the news of this hot little phone and asked him if he wanted to trade in his iPhone. I think I heard him laugh thunderously from his office at Apple’s IL1. Oh well, I tried.
I did later hear Josh mumble something about Verizon initially being approached by Apple and turning them down. (It must be because they knew this hot little phone was in their pocket just waiting for it’s chance in the market.) Josh just shook his head, attempting to understand why a company would make such a decision. I’m sure they had their reasons, but was it smart? I guess we’ll have to see.
So, iPhone owners, anyone want so swap?