Water Aerobics


Since volleyball and surfing went out the window as exercise/athletic activities, I have been struggling to find something that works for me. I’ve already shared why yoga doesn’t work.
After much searching, I finally settled in on water aerobics at the YMCA. It’s mostly older ladies and pregnant women since it’s way low impact and even kind of hokey at times. (My favorite move is “happy crab”). I love that I get some sunshine and don’t worry about falling or hurting myself. I miss the competitive, push-yourself aspect of my old sports, but I suppose I can pick up some volleyball again in a few months. (I hope!)
The only *bad* part about water aerobics is that the Y’s pool is right next to a public park and the outdoor pool only has a chain-link fence separating the two. There is almost always a volleyball net set up in the park and some decent players are usually hacking out a nice little game. Yesterday I was doing my water workout while also watching their volleyball game. I noticed that their setter wasn’t very good and I kept getting mad at her poor footwork. They were playing a real rough game and calling their own shots. At one point, the girl set a double and the other team was like, “No way! That was a double!” Then both teams got in a huge argument over it. I almost shouted to them in the middle of my water aerobics class, “It was definitely a double! I saw it and her hands did not have a clean release!” But then I didn’t because I still have tact.
I wonder if I’d like water aerobics if I couldn’t watch volleyball during the class…