Amazon Used Books


I’m a huge Amazon fan and pretty much just love the entire site and service. One part about it that I love is that I can get used books! My issue now is that it is mostly standard that shipping is $3.99 for every book that I get. So, I found a book that was $0.67 used, but then it was $3.99 for shipping. There were three different books that I wanted that totaled $2.16 used price, plus $11.97 shipping for the three. That’s a total of $14.13. That’s pretty nice.
This is what I want:
#1 – I want shipping choices. Most books I get I’d like to just pay the Media Rate and let the books get here when they get here. That would be way cheaper than $3.99 in most cases.
#2 – I want cheaper shipping costs if I choose a bookseller that’s near me. Why do I have to pay $3.99 for shipping if my bookseller is in Vermont, and still have to pay $3.99 for shipping if my bookseller is in Modesto, CA? Shouldn’t the costs reflect location?
#3 – I want to be able to view other books that a bookseller has available. For example, if I choose to buy a book from “Bobo322” bookseller, I want to be able to see what other books Bobo322 is also selling. That way, I could lower my shipping costs and potentially get all/most of my books from that one location. This would reduce my overall cost of used books.
Come on Amazon! Work with me! You’re SO CLOSE to being my favorite!