Baby Names


I’ve had lots of weird dreams lately, and they usually involve having children and strange things that go with that. The funniest part has been waking up and going, “We named our kid ______?!?!” Here are my the baby names that have shown up in my dreams:
Layla Lee Lewis
(which Josh later changed to Layla Lola Lewis)
Truman Lewis
Swedes Lewis
Huey Lewis
(and we got him a dog named “The News”)
Calvin Hobbes Lewis
Trace Vixen Lewis
(He, yes HE, insisted on dressing like a little mobster in three-piece, pin-striped suits with cool hats, and he had a gold pocket watch & chain. I’m not sure where our baby acquired the pocket watch, but I guessed it was from his mob connections. I didn’t dare take it from him lest I receive some harsh consequences from “the boys.”)
Keep in mind that these were DREAM NAMES, and we have no intention of using any of the above when our son is born (although “Swedes” is tempting…). I have no idea how these names were manifest in the depths of my sub-conscious.
I have also woken up from many dreams in a panic going, “The baby! Is he okay!?!” Then, I stumble out of bed to attend to said baby that I have apparently forgotten about for hours. Of course, I am then reminded that we don’t actually have a baby yet and that I’m just pregnant. That’s weird.