Done. I Can’t Believe It.


Many of you know that, though I technically graduated from my master’s program in May, I still had some “loose ends” that needed to be tied up. (By “loose ends,” I mean two Incomplete classes). I had hoped to tie them up early this summer, but holding down two jobs (teaching a technology institute for teachers and teaching English Language Learners), while being in stitches and in my third trimester of pregnancy has made the whole thing way more complicated than I had hoped.
Last night I finished. BOTH CLASSES. Seriously.
This will be the first time I have had no schooling hanging over my head since kindergarten.
So, today I’m running off to San José State so I can hand in my final work and turn in some paperwork that says I’m done and all that other fine stuff. I may not get my official degree until December, but I just don’t care. It’s done. I don’t have to think about it anymore.
I think I’ll still take some classes after this though. I’m thinking surfing, volleyball, cooking, dog training. Fun ones with no homework! Wait, do they offer a sleeping class? I may take that one too!
No more school! No more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks!