Pregnancy Dreams – Ocean Waves


I’ve had some weird weird weird dreams during pregnancy that I thought I should start putting on my blog. A few of them, frankly, are way to violent to share here (I’ve NEVER had violent dreams in my life, but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had a few that had me wake up gasping and sweating…). Anyway, this is the one I had last night.
Dream: Ocean Waves, had this one at 35 weeks pregnant.
Before going into the dream, part of it reminds me of this scene in the movie X-Men. *spoiler* There’s a part where Senator Kelly gets turned into a mutant against his will and then he jumps into the water and absorbs all that water and then ends up at Dr. X’s place where he explodes into a ka-jillion pieces of water on the operating table. Wicked cool special effects, creepy as all get out.
Anyway, I had a dream that something sort of similar happened to me last night. I was walking down the sidewalk along a beach in California and kept getting fatter and fatter. I’d look down at my hands and arms and feet and swear that I could see waves moving up and down inside of my skin. It was as though my body was just filling up with fluid and I could do nothing to stop it.
Suddenly, I was floating on a dock in the middle of the ocean with three naked babies. They weren’t my babies, but I was trying to keep them all on the dock while paddling back to the land. Nobody would help me. I kept getting fatter and fatter and filled with more fluid. A huge wave was coming toward me and I grabbed the babies. They were all screaming. The wave went passed us and I yelled at a surfer for missing his timing to get on the wave.
Eventuallly, I got almost back to shore where my sister-in-law Ronnie was waiting. She ran into the water and took the three babies. They were still crying, but at least they were safe on land.
I looked down at my body and realized I was filled with so much fluid that the floating dock couldn’t hold my weight anymore. I was like some weird, pale, veiny version of Jaba the Hut. I seemed to recognize that I was going to die and just looked down at the body that didn’t seem like mine anymore. Then I exploded into a waterfall of water droplets and my body became part of the ocean.
How trippy is that?