Caleb at Church


Today was Caleb’s first day at church. It was so joyful to walk in with him and see the faces of our church family light up with joy. Many of these people have been praying for us for years, so I just felt blessed beyond belief to be holding God’s provision in my hands.
I had my first mom-reaction when the greeter told me where the nursery was. Without even thinking, I clutched Caleb and turned my body as if to say, “I’m not putting him in the NURSERY!” Then I thought, “Wow, that was smooth, Stephanie. Now she thinks you’re a clingy, obsessive mother.” I countered by saying that he was only eleven days old and I wasn’t ready to leave him in a nursery yet. She understood.
Caleb was pretty good during the service. He slept in his sling through worship and prayer time. Then, half way through the sermon, he let out this loud shreak. Pastor Mark said, “Just let him scream, Stephanie, I appreciate the feedback.”
I took him to the baby room and fed him. He was having a hard time latching on (breastfeeding) and the lady who ran the room kept on giving me advice about how to get him to latch on. I finally said, “He’s usualy really good at latching on, only this time he’s having to compete with two crying children, a musical monkey, and some kids banging on pots.” Man that room was loud. After the pot-bangers got taken on a stroller walk, Caleb settled in and was fine. Josh was wandering around looking for us after the service until he finally discovered that churches have nurseries! I heard him in the hall say, “Oh, that would make sense that she’d go in here.” Ah, the joys of new parenthood.
We finished off our evening with some McDonald’s (Steph’s healthy suggestions include the grilled ranch chicken snack wrap and the fruit & walnut salad). Now, we might watch a movie! Wow-wee!