Motherhood Thoughts


I LOVE BEING A MOM! Seriously, look at that baby. He’s so easy to love! Even when crying or peeing on me or his new favorite – spitting up on Mommy after she just showered and put on clean clothes. The more time I spend with him, the more I learn that he has different kinds of cries. He also has ways that he communicates before he starts to cry that I’m picking up on as well. It helps me to comfort and love him better and overall makes our relationship better. It’s like a detective game! “What does Caleb need now? Let’s look at the clues!”
Caleb’s latest issue has been getting all fussy right when we are about to eat dinner. Even if we eat at a different time each night, it’s as though he can sense us putting hot food on the table. I figured out that he needs to eat more during that time, but prefers to eat for 10 minutes, then sleep for 20 minutes… repeat for about two hours. But he’s super happy and content then. I’m guessing he’s hit one of those growth spurt times again, so he needs the extra food and love.
My daily goals currently include (in no particular order): Feed Caleb, clean Caleb, change Caleb’s diaper, hold and love Caleb, and basically keep Caleb happy. I also have personal goals to daily shower and put on clean clothes, get sleep, connect with Josh, and to not forget to feed myself. On a good day I also pick up the house and maybe briefly entertain some guests, run an errand, or do some computer work. Sometimes that doesn’t work out, but I’m okay with it.
People have asked me if I’m “all stressed out” or look at me all concerned because, apparently, beginning motherhood is supposed to be all stressful. I haven’t found it to be that. In fact, it seems kind of like a vacation after I finished working full time while getting my master’s degree in the evenings, getting my National Board certification and CLAD credential, and all that other stuff I’ve been doing. I’ve been reading books (BOOKS!) of my own choosing here and there. I basically just love having my personal tasks be more simplified and under one roof. It rocks.
This will be my first full week of no Josh at home. I’m glad he got to stay home for as long as he did. His love and care helped to make this transition to motherhood so much easier on me. My husband rocks. My baby rocks. Life is good.