Breasts: Not Just For Selling Beer


LOL. The book I’m reading has this as one of it’s subtitles in the section on how to breastfeed in public. I found this excerpt to be poignant:

We can’t let a discussion of nursing in public pass without commenting on one of life’s ironies. In American culture breasts are exposed everywhere – in movies, in magazines, and especially in advertising. The woman who wears a cleavage-revealing swimsuit at the beach or public pool doesn’t have to worry about social disapproval. But the new mother venturing out with her baby to a dimly lit restaurant with her husband shakes in her shoes when she discreetly nurses her baby with a shawl draped over both her breast and the baby’s head. “What if someone says something?” she worries.

The chapter goes on to talk about how it is often easier to breastfeed in front of strangers than friends or family. If a stranger doesn’t approve of your breastfeeding, it’s not as traumatic as if Aunt Crabbypants scowls at you and makes some comment about how “indecent” you are. I’m just lucky I don’t have an Aunt Crabbypants (at least I don’t think I do!).
At least congress passed a law that states that it’s okay for nursing mothers to breastfeed on federal property. And, most states have laws that specifically protect breastfeeding as well. I like that I can quote the law to anyone who would scoff at me. I haven’t had to do that though since Northern California is generally very supportive of breastfeeding. (I think I’d be more likely to get scoffed at for using formula around here!)