Caleb Updates


Caleb can roll from his back to his side. He gets all frustrated and grunts a lot, then starts rocking with his head until he gets on his side. Then he has a look of extreme satisfaction.
Caleb can flail his arms to turn on the music of his Smart Start Turtle. You just have to bump the legs and it turns on. He will flail until the music starts, then freeze and listen very seriously. When the music stops, he cries out and then starts flailing again.
Caleb can watch the mobile on his crib go round and round. He flails his arms and legs and makes funny noises. We have this one on video and I’ll link to it when I have time to get it up.
If you lay Caleb on his belly and put your hands on his feet, he will straighten out his legs causing him to move forward. If there is something ahead of him that he wants (like Daddy), he will do this repeatedly until he can get to it. This also has lots of grunts and head bobs associated with it.
Caleb loves taking baths. He never cries and loves to listen to me sing and talk to him during the bath.
Caleb does not sleep well during the day. He just gets crabbier and crabbier until I can finally woo him down. That’s been our new focus is teaching him to sleep during nap times. He seems to just want to stay awake and take in all of the daytime stuff. I’ve had to bring him into dark, boring rooms for hours to calm him down enough to sleep. Josh can also get him to sleep pretty easily in the Baby Bjorn. I think Caleb falls asleep better with Josh than me when he’s crabby because he knows Josh can’t feed him!
Caleb sleeps well at night. Usually for 3-4 hours straight before waking for a feeding. I usually lay down with him around 8:00 p.m. and nurse him to sleep. He seems to be pretty mellow and ready to sleep by evening time!
So, those are the Caleb updates. He’s now 34 days old.