Fun Things To Do on the Internet!


Well, I’ve been reading different magazines and putzing around the Net here and there, and I have come up with a list of fun things to do on the Internet! Enjoy!

  1. Get the Glass – A game by the Got Milk? people where you try to help these little dudes get the coveted glass of milk.
  2. Jackson Pollock – Create your own Jackson Pollock style artwork by splattering paint with the click of a mouse! When you go there, the page comes up blank. Just start moving your mouse around to splatter and click to change colors. Press the space bar to erase your painting and start over.
  3. Lite Brite – Remember having a lite brite when you were a kid? Now you can play with an online Lite Brite!
  4. Pop Bubble Wrap – Like to pop bubble wrap but run out too soon? Pop some online! This one is a little lame though… real bubble wrap is way more fun.
  5. Virtual Trophy – Make a virtual trophy and give it to someone. You get to choose what the trophy is for!
  6. Make a Gas Station Sign – Have a cool idea for your own gas station sign (such as “Web Browsing Does Not Count as Surfing”)? Make your own and keep the pic.
  7. Write a Ransome Note – You know those old-school ransome notes made from cut outs from different magazine letters? Now the Internet will make one for you!

Thanks to random television watching and Real Simple Family for helping me find these sites!