Meet A REAL Cow!


I spoke of this before, but it’s now becoming a real cool thing to bring the farm to the city so the “city kids” can learn about farming.
Now, you can go to Whole Foods in Cupertino this month to MEET A REAL COW! Not a fake one. A REAL ONE!
I laughed the entire time we were grocery shopping. Josh would look over at me, and I’d be smiling and muttering to myself, “Meet a real cow…heh heh heh.”
I realized then that if we stay in California while Caleb is older, he too will have to meet his first cow at a supermarket. In Minnesota, “meeting a real cow” means shoveling manure for an entire weekend. That’s how you truly get to know cows! 🙂
I don’t think this concept of meeting farm animals in the city will ever get old to me. It’s amazing how far removed people have become from the farms that provide our means to survive. I think I’m going to take Caleb to Whole Foods to meet his first cow just so I can get some great hilarious pictures and make loud “When I was a kid…” statements!