My Diapering Dilemma


There are parenting dilemmas that need decisions. Breastmilk or formula? Pacifiers or no pacifiers? Have mom stay home or go back to work? Which (of the many) sleeping arrangements will you choose? Disposable or cloth diapers?
Most of the issues, Josh and I have been able to figure out just fine. The only one we can’t figure out is the disposable vs. cloth debate. I read up on the subject in books, magazines, and on Wikipedia.
The truth is, I hate this issue. I feel cornered. I feel like no matter what option I choose (short of holding my child over a compost pile whenever he has to go), I’m hurting the environment. And it makes me mad. And I wonder why there are no other options thought up by some genius or something. If a diaper company made a biodegradable disposable diaper, they would totally make bank. So, why hasn’t anyone done it?
Or… why doesn’t the U.S. government reconsider their waste management altogether? The whole topic just leaves me angry and scratching my head.