Occupational Medicine


Some of you may remember the work injury I had this summer when I sliced my finger on a table saw in the wood shop. Something funny happened as a result of this back in August that was hilarious and I forgot to blog it then, so here goes!
I showed up to Cupertino Occupational Medicine, a clinic that treats injuries sustained while on the job, for my final check-up on August 20th. I walked in to the waiting room and saw two people with broken bones, one guy who got whipped in the face with barbed wire, and a few others with less obvious injuries. One lady was there with her young son waiting for treatment. Her son asked her why they didn’t just go to their regular doctor and she told him that it was because people came here for injuries that happened as a result of their jobs. The boy nodded and looked around the room at all the different injuries. He then looked over at me, a voluptuous 37 weeks pregnant. His eyes opened up wide and he exclaimed to his mother, “What happened to HER!?!”
Everyone looked at me with varied expressions. I looked down at my belly, horrified that my pregnancy had been dubbed as a work related injury. Several people in the waiting room chuckled while the mother explained to her child that I was probably (hopefully) there for something else. LOL.