Our Christmas Letter


This year we sent out our Christmas letter in e-mail. Is this a lame thing to do? You decide.
We considered getting pictures done and printing out a letter and addressing envelopes and stamping them and driving them to the post office…. Then, Josh and I looked at each other and said, “Why?”
So, as of this year, we are done sending “official” letters via snail mail. We still have the same love and heartfelt feelings as if we had sent actual letters, only now we’re making the letters easy to archive and simpler for us to execute (and FREE). If anyone actually needs (wants) a hard copy, they can print it. Otherwise, electronic format seems to give everyone the update just as well!
Here is Our 2007 Christmas Letter:
Friends & Family,
Josh and I are sitting together enjoying the sparkle of the Christmas tree, the beauty of Minnesota snow, and our favorite Christmas present – the new laugh of our son Caleb Stephen.
This past year, I worked at Hyde Middle School teaching art while Josh continued his job as an Engineering Program Manager at Apple Inc. I finished my master’s degree in Instructional Technology at San José State University. In August, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our friendship and our 7th wedding anniversary. Caleb was born September 5th, and we are now enjoying new parenthood!
It has been an amazing year and we are in awe of how God has led and blessed us. May you and yours also feel the gentle leading of His hand in 2008. Glory and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!
With Love,
Josh, Stephanie & Caleb Lewis