A lot of the Recycle Replanet bins have been turning up in grocery store parking lots around here. Based on the name, I figured they had something to do with recycling. But, the word replanet really threw me for a loop.
I imagined mankind deciding that our planet was overused so we voted to get a nice new planet. All of civilization got shipped off to Mars for awhile while Earth got replaneted. They put earth in a crushing machine, then shredded it using some gargantuan robot with ripping teeth, then melted it in a really hot oven, then recast it into something better that we could all appreciate. Then, we came back from Mars to enjoy our replaneted Earth. Nice. It made us feel better about all the horrible things we had done to the planet. I mean, we could have just dumped this planet and moved on to a different one, but we were better than that. We replaneted.
Turns out that the replanet concept just means that the recycling center sorts your recycling for you. So, you can just bring all different kinds of cans and bottles and stuff and the machine will sort them accordingly, they’ll weigh it all and pay you for bringing it in.
Which reminds me – why do I have to pay the local garbage company to pick up my recycling bin? If I brought it to these places they would pay me. Seems that the curbside recycling bins should at least be free….