Volleyball Blues


Some women get the baby blues after their babies are born, I got a bad case of the volleyball blues. Man I miss the game. I miss the camaraderie, the quick strategy thinking, the discussions over how to beat a certain team, the exercise. All of it.
I got to play with some friends on Sunday. Man do I stink. And boy did I feel like the queen of excuses. I kept saying, “Wow! This is what I get for not playing for 6 months!” or “I cut my finger on a saw blade in June so I can’t feel part of the ball when I set!” or “I had a baby in September, man that takes a lot out of the body!”
I pretty much felt lame. And there were a bunch of people there who I have never played with before so they must’ve thought I stunk. One of my friends even declared, “She’s usually much better than this.” Gee, thanks.
But, that’s what I need to do to get better, right? I need to suck it up and get back in the game without complaining and just do my best to get back in shape at a reasonable rate. Two of my friends said they are going to take a volleyball class at De Anza and invited me to take it with them. I figure that’s probably the best for me (rather than jumping back into tournament play). I can just take it easy and have fun. And I’ll probably still be above average in the class. So, we’ll see!