Cupertino Weather Notice


Josh and I got this message from the City of Cupertino yesterday:

Today has been interesting. I woke up to winds and rain. Later, the cat was outside my bedroom door meowing loudly. Eventually, Josh went to work and I had to take Ella outside. It was pouring rain out and she would only cower and shiver, looking at me as if to say, “Why? Why would you bring me out here!?!” The power started going on and off (four or five times).
Apparently a bench at Apple got overturned and Josh’s umbrella turned inside out. Our porch started flooding, which led to the garage flooding. So, Josh went to the emergency preparedness place and brought home 10 sandbags so we could *hopefully* prevent further flooding.
I was supposed to bring Caleb to a doctor appointment today, but they called and cancelled because they had lost power. So, now he won’t get to go for about three weeks, the earliest time they could get him in. That made me mad because I had worked so hard to get Caleb up and bathed and dressed, get his diaper bag packed, and all that other stuff you have to do to bring your four-month-old to the doctor. Oh well.
Eventually, I threw in the towel (actually, I skated around our dining room with towels on my feet to sop up our sandbagging mess) and came to Apple. Apple has had it’s power working all day and I’m just chilling out with Caleb getting work done. I had Caleb in the hall once and he decided to practice talking, which (if you know Josh and me) is exceptionally loud. Josh quarantined us to his office because of that.
One thing I realized is that this rain storm isn’t nearly as bad as some of the storms I’ve experienced in Minnesota. But, I think Minnesota is better prepared for this kind of stuff. A lot of the power lines are underground, or are at least more securely attached than the ones around our house. The ones by our house pretty much go out during every rainstorm we have. Minnesota also has cool trucks and stuff that get out fast and get stuff fixed. Californians start driving poorly and stuff when the weather gets mildly bad because they’re just not used to inclement weather.
Well, those are my ramblings for today. Good times!