Does this outfit look girly?


Caleb in Chair 11, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

I take Caleb to the park a lot. The last time I brought him in this outfit, many people were confused about his gender. “What a beautiful bo.. gir… uh… BABY you have,” they’d say. Who knows. I dress him in it because it’s fuzzy and warm, and I love fuzzy warm babies! Do you think it’s too girly? (In this pic he’s also wearing his puppy/kitty slippers which have rattles in them. He thinks they’re interesting and tries to bite them.)

One thing I love about the park is that everyone feeds the ducks and geese even though there are huge signs everywhere warning the public about the dangers of feeding them. Last week, I saw a woman send her two-year-old out in middle of the flock with a ziplock bag of bread crumbs. The birds started chasing him and he dropped the bag and ran, crying. Today, I watched some middle school kids take AN ENTIRE SHEET CAKE and fling pieces of it out to the many seagulls, ducks, and geese that were swarming them. These boys were tough though. If a bird got too close, they’d just kick it.

Another reason I love the park is because I like to see how everyone here thinks the weather is freezing. Today, which was a whopping 52 degrees F, people had their kids dressed in thick SNOWSUITS, complete with tied-under-the-chin hats, mittens, and boots. Yes, boots. One little girl kept pulling her hat off complaining that she was hot, but her mother insisted that she wear it. They must’ve thought I was crazy wearing a light sweatshirt. Caleb wore the outfit pictured above along with his blue knit Guatemalan hat. He and I were both plenty warm.

Sometimes we walk to the Starbucks across the street from the park to tank ourselves up (me on coffee & Caleb on mommy-milk). Today was awesome though because I went to the counter and ordered a grande mocha. The boy behind the counter said, “Do you want me to heat that to kid’s temp for him?” I stood there puzzled for a moment, then realized that he seriously thought I was giving my 4 1/2 month old baby a mocha. I said, “I think he’s a little young to be drinking a mocha.” The girl who was working with him was laughing so hard. Poor kid.