Little Bug Stats


Caleb had his 4 month checkup on Friday (even though he’s almost five months old, but his actual 4 month appointment got cancelled.)
Here are his stats:
Date: 01/25/2008
Weight: 15 lbs., 12 oz. (44th percentile)
Height: 24 3/4″ (29th percentile)
Head: 16 1/4″ (16th percentile)
He’s a happy, strong little guy and is a picture of health! He got three shots and an oral vaccine which he did not like, but he was quite the little trooper.
Caleb is now quite the mover. He can now roll over from tummy to back and from back to tummy. He is very good at grabbing things and drooling all over them. He can also do this weird inch-worm crawl like thing (like a sack of potatoes gone robotic) if there is something in front of him that he wants. He fusses a lot while pushing himself forward to get that thing, but is so happy when he finally reaches it.
He’s really starting to connect with his environment. He loves to chew and suck on anything he can get. He is a super bath time kicker and splashes water all over me and the mirror; he thinks this is hilarious. He loves to pet 5 and Ella. He really gets going on the Jumperoo and is very capable of keeping the music going in his Baby Einstein gym. His favorite story is I See a Monster. He loves being sung to, and his favorites include The Boa Constrictor Song, Dream a Little Dream, Mahna Mahna, and the La La La Song. We go for walks in the park every day with him in a sling; he loves going in the swing there and also loves to watch the other kids scream and play. He is not interested in ducks or geese attacking people, but I am!
He is wearing size 9 months pants because the size 6 month ones don’t cover his chubby ankles. I have decided that sizes on baby clothes are laughable.
He is eating rice cereal and bananas (both mixed with breast milk) and the doctor said I should start introducing some fruits and veggies as well. He loves to eat when we eat. If you don’t feed him, he will grab your plate, food, & silverware and scream at you.
And, he loves to talk. He will look at you very seriously and talk for 10-15 minutes straight. Sometimes he seems very serious, and sometimes he gets quite dramatic (gee, where does he get that from?). When we go out, if people talk to him, he will usually greet them back with lots of words, eye contact, and cutie grins. A lady at Josh’s work said he’s the biggest flirt of a baby she’s ever met. (Word got around and Josh’s coworkers now say, “So, I heard your kid is a flirt.”)
Josh and I are really enjoying him. We have contests to see who can get him laughing the hardest. There are several things that will get him going. One is to go up and down in front of him (“I’m going down down down. Now I’m down. How’d I get down here? Now I go up up up! I’m UP!”). He also goes crazy for The Boa Constrictor song. Josh got him going big time the other day by showing him Cookie Monster clips on You Tube. When he rolls over he laughs. He is ticklish in the armpits and feet. If his Grover toy “fuzzles” him all over, that makes him laugh. Pretty much anything I do is amusing to him. Bath time and diaper changing also produces much laughter. He also loves if you dance with him, he just giggles the whole time.
Well, that’s the Caleb update!