Me & Caleb @ Macworld 2008


Me & Caleb @ Macworld 2008, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

We had a fantastic time at Macworld this year. Granted, I only got an exhibit hall pass since I didn’t know how Caleb would handle going into long, detailed workshops. So, I stuck him in the sling and we wandered around checking out all kinds of new technology.

After I got my pass, I was able to see Frank Chu on a street corner. We walked by and Josh said, “Hey Frank!” And I was like, “You know that guy?” And then he sent me the Wikipedia link when we got home and I was all, “NO WAY!” So, yeah, that’s Frank.

The most intriguing thing for me this year was Memory Miner. I got to talk to the guy that started it and he explained it well by saying that, when we look at genealogies, we see when people were born and when they died. But, what’s important is the story that exists between these two dates. This software works to put pictures, videos, genealogies, and written descriptions together to tell these stories. It connects with Flickr, Yahoo Maps, and will soon also connect with Geni. He said they are also working on having it search for other computers to find connections in what people have put in their own stories. So, I think I’m going to wait until I have a bit of time, then use the 2-week trial download to see if it’s cool enough to buy.

Other things that made me drool include: anything at the Canon booth, especially the sweet camera lenses and pro printers; new AppleTV options; some guy that was totally wailing on Guitar Hero; Sprint’s Mobile Broadband; everything at Adobe; and Joshua.

Things that made Caleb drool include: everything.

Things that were repulsive: Epson’s horribly designed booth (get with it!), the coffee (blech!), and having to be in San Francisco. Seriously, we’ve been there a ton of times and we still don’t know how to get out of that place!