King, the Shetland pony


King, the Shetland pony, originally uploaded by JL!.

He is SO cute! As you can see in this pic, he’s cleaned up a lot since when we first brought him home. And he’s a feisty little guy. When he’s with the girls, my dad’s two mares, he gets all prancy. His gaits are beautiful and you can actually jog with him when he lopes. He is also extremely refined for a little pony (just check out that bone structure). All of the ponies from my childhood were fat, like they had swallowed a barrel whole. It’s so fun to have this little guy around.

My nephew, when asked what the pony’s name was said, “KING PONY!!!!!!!!!” and threw his hands up excitedly. I asked him if “King Pony” was all one word or one name. He explained to me that “King” was the pony’s first name and “Pony” was his last name. Worked for me.