Signs of Life


Caleb has been growing like a weed lately and he’s almost 9 months old. He crawls really fast (watch out!) and pulls himself up on whatever he can grab. He has been trying to cruise and has been successful at it a couple of times. Since his motor skills started developing rapidly, he has relied less on speech. The only words I hear from him anymore are “Ella” in response to pretty much any dog he sees, and “Mama” when he’s really upset (although he does sorta sing, LOL). That’s about it.
But, yesterday he returned his first sign! Josh and I were at the Village Inn eating after the terrible hail storm. There were ceiling fans above us that Caleb was fascinated with (as usual). We gave him the “round-and-round” sign several times. He was very serious and eventually returned the sign. I was so stoked. He has repeated it this morning already with the ceiling fan in our bedroom and in his bedroom. It’s so cool and I am so stoked. Oh, and did I mention that I’m stoked? I am.