Caleb Calls Ella Successfully


Caleb Watches His Dogs 6, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

Today, Caleb and I were hanging out in the yard with the dogs. Though he had been saying “Ella” for quite some time now, the dogs never paid any attention to him. Today, that changed. He looked at Ella, raised his hand, and said, “Ella! Ella! Ella-ella-ella-ella!” And she actually came to him! She looked up and ran right over. Boy did Caleb freak out.

Later, today, when we were inside, he picked up Henson’s toy, looked at him, raised the toy in the air, and tried his “Ella” call again. Henson ignored him, but Ella came out from under a blanket and came up to him. She licked him and he handed her the toy. (Henson came over and snatched the toy from her because that’s just the way he is.)

My boy sure does love his doggies.