Happy Birthday, Baby (Part 3)


Caleb has also become quite independent. We had his first day of Musikgarten today. All of the kids in the class seemed to cling to their parents, but Caleb pushed off of me right away and wanted to sit right in front of the teacher. When she’d set out a basket of jingle bells or blocks, Caleb was the first one in there to play with the percussion instruments. He even handed a jingle bell to another little girl, which made everyone say, “Awwww!” It was adorable.

I felt so proud that my little guy feels confident to explore and engage.

Caleb’s cousin, Maia, explained something to me the other day. She said that there was a statue of a bear on top of the waterslide at the community center and that it was “Ver-wy Sca-wee.” After thinking about it she said that she could just bring Caleb with her next time because, “He’s a boy and boys are bwave!”

Indeed he is. He is ver-we bwave.