Skinny Jeans


Today rocks. For the first time since before I was pregnant I fit into my “skinny” jeans. And they fit nice, not like spandex. And they were comfortable and wonderful. When we moved here in February, I put all of my skinny clothes in totes in the basement, but kept one pair of my jeans out so I could try them on periodically. In April I couldn’t even get them over my hips, last month I could zip them up if I sucked it in, today they fit superbly!
Many people told me I’d have nine months up and nine months down (meaning it’d take me nine months to get back into my old clothes). Looks like it was just over a year that I needed to get back. I never super dieted or anything (although I have been dieting the last couple of weeks to end that weight plateau I was in), but just made sure to get exercise and eat somewhat intelligently. I suppose chasing my hyper-spazz of a child helped too.
This week I’m going to break open my skinny clothes totes and see what’s in them. Not sure if much of it is fashionable or even useful anymore, but it will be like opening Christmas gifts to dig through it all! Woo!