Back to Cloth


Well, today marks our transition from disposable diapers back to cloth. We initially started with a mix of disposable & cloth, but decided to go to all disposable because of the whole move across the country, live with my parents, search for a house, buy a house, move again thing. Now that we’re nice and settled, I figured I’d switch back.
SuperBrite_Green_M.jpgI’m using cloth diapers with the Bummis covers. We have both the Super Brites and the Super Whisper Wraps. They worked great for us before and I’m hoping they’ll work great again this time.
I will be using my front-load high-efficiency washer (which has a special setting just for diapers!) to wash them myself instead of doing a diaper service (I don’t even think they’d do that in the boonies where I live!). I think it should go pretty smoothly, but we’ll see!
Before the change back to cloth, Caleb had started notifying me when he needed a new diaper, usually by going into his room and getting a clean diaper out of the cabinet. I think this communication will make it easier on him to use cloth since he can tell me when he’s wet.