Caleb is Funny


I love seeing Caleb’s sense of humor develop. Though he’s always loved to laugh, I can see him starting to find humor in more things and he is even trying to make his own jokes. His early humor was physical, he loved being tickled, kicking his legs, swinging around, and anything else that was very motor oriented.
Toward the end of summer, he started finding humor in things like hiding under a blanket or in the closet and laughing like crazy when we finally found him. He also put a hat on Ella and thought that was very funny.
About a week ago, I was reading him The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (a fantastic book). There is a part where the boy hits a snow-covered tree with a stick, causing snow to fall on his head. I signed to Caleb and pointed to the picture, “SNOW fell on his HEAD!” He burst out laughing. He kept turning back to the page and signing that snow fell on his head, and then he’d fall over and laugh and laugh. Later in the day, I would say, “Snow fell on his head!” Caleb would sign “head” and laugh some more.
Today, Josh and I finishing dinner, Caleb decided to start a little sideshow to entertain us. He was attempting to throw a can in the garbage can for awhile. Then, he made the sign for “eat” and then pointed to the wall. He immediately started snickering so hard he had to cover his mouth. Josh said, “Eat the wall??? That’s silly!” And that unleashed Caleb’s laughter. Eat the wall indeed.
I can’t wait to hear more of his jokes. What a happy little boy!