What Does a Bunny Rabbit Say?


I literally spat cereal out of my mouth today because Caleb was so funny. I tried getting it on video (he did repeat himself), but I can’t find where my Flip ended up after our trip to Branson. Hmmmm…
Anyway, this is what happened. We were looking at the Noah’s Ark snow globe and making all of the animal sounds. I have been trying to teach him that a bunny wiggles it’s nose instead of making a noise (the only rabbit noise I’ve ever heard is it’s death cry and I’m not about to teach that one to my kid).
So, I said, “Caleb, what does a bunny rabbit say?”
He looked at me, shoved his finger far up into his left nostril, then exhaled through his nose, causing a HUGE snot bubble to form from his right nostril (we’re talking golf ball here). He held the pose and grinned.
And then I spat out the cereal, which I think he took as encouragement… Oh, the wonderful joys of parenthood!