Take That, Ella!


Caleb and Ella, our miniature dachshund, are best buds. They are pretty much always by each other. They play fetch with Ella’s toys, he gives her dog treats, she comes when he calls her (sometimes), they sit by each other and cuddle under a blanket when we’re on the couch together. Sometimes Caleb will even go inside of Ella’s kennel (“Her kennel, where she goes night night.”) and shout, “Woof! Woof! Ella! Ella! Woof!”
Once the weather got really cold, I had to re-potty train Ella. She was like, “I’m not going out there!” and would go hide under blankets until her bladder was about to explode and she’d go somewhere out of sight from me. So, I was watching her very closely, looking for signs that she had to go outside, re-teaching her how to show me that she had to go outside, catching her doing the naughty in my house, and praising her when she got it right.
Okay, enough with the lead up exposition and on with the main story.
I was changing Caleb’s diaper and I saw Ella slink off into our bedroom. I could tell by her slinking that she was going to go to the bathroom. So, I set Caleb down on the floor (naked at this point) and went into my room where Ella was in the middle of peeing on my bed(!). I scolded Ella and put her outside, only to realize that Caleb was gone. So, I ran around looking for him and finally found him sitting, naked, in Ella’s kennel. And you know what he was doing? Peeing.
Take that, Ella.