18 Month Update


Pics of Caleb 6, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

This past week, Caleb hit his 18 month mark. I’m not going to go into lists of words, because there are getting to be too many to list. Let’s just say, if you say it, he repeats it. He has also been putting two words together frequently to express what he wants. He also uses sign language frequently. I think our favorite word that he is currently saying is “bubble,” which he says “bau-baooo” with adorably puckered lips and a high pitch voice.
His favorite thing to do is anything outside (especially at Grandpa Whiting’s farm), and anything that involves helping. He helps me empty and load the dishwasher, change laundry loads, sort socks, feed the dog, fill the bird feeder, restock diapers in his dresser, cook (especially EGGS!), vacuum, dust, and anything else! He also loves to write in the snow with sticks and climb on anything he isn’t supposed to climb on. Caleb is still going to Musikgarten and loves everything we do there. He is an energetic little boy who is just delighting in exploring his world!
Here are his stats from his 18 month doctor’s visit:
Weight: 22 lbs., 5.4 oz. (9%)
Height: 31.1 inches (18%)
Head: 18.5 inches (28%)
He is healthy and growing and so much fun! And I LOVE being his mama.