What Does a Mama Do?


Caleb has loved playing house with his Little People house and car lately. It has a dad, a mom, and a baby. He keeps them very busy. They all use the potty and then take a bath afterwards. The baby goes night-night frequently. And then he loads them all in the car and drives him to our door that leads to the garage. When I ask where they are going he exclaims, “Grandpa! [horse noise]”
Today he was holding the mom doll when I was changing him for bed. I asked him, “What does a mama do?” After his first response, I continued asking him, “What else does a mama do?” Here are his responses, in order:
“Kiss!” (then proceeded to kiss the doll many many times)
“Hug!” (hugged the doll)
“Baby eat.” (give food to the baby)
“Baby drink.” (give a drink to the baby)
“Book.” (read books)
“Kiss hand.” (he had a splinter in his hand recently and I kissed it frequently.)
This is the stuff that warms a mama’s heart.