Caleb is 21 Months Old! Here’s an Update.


Caleb is officially 21 months. I had to go to the doctor today and he was my little sidekick while I went. Beginning yesterday he has started taking off if I’m talking to someone (he used to stand and wait nicely… what happened?). Today the receptionists at the check-in desk got quite a kick out of him as he took off and I had to chase him down. “Look at him go! Man, he’s quick for his size!” They thanked me for “making their day” and said I brought back lots of memories for them. Can I start charging for these “services”? I’m sure I’d make some serious cash if I could. The ad would read, “Watch an exhausted mother chase down her active toddler boy! It’ll get more whoops and hollers than you’ve had all week!”
When the doctor came in to the check-up room, I told Caleb that it was the doctor. He went right up to him and said (shouted? He’s really loud when he talks.), “Hi, Dah Tah!”
The doctor said hello back and then asked, “What is your name?”
Caleb pointed to himself and said, “You.” (He always refers to himself as “you.” We’re pretty sure that he thinks it is his given name. You Lewis.)
The doctor said, “Hello there, you! Can you give me five!” Caleb slapped the doctor’s hand and then said, “YEAH!”
During the visit Caleb had some great fun with the mirror and also with drumming on different things in the room. One of the metal cabinets was very rattly when he hit it, so he spent some time banging on it. He of course danced the whole time.
When we left the doctor said, “And I’m pretty sure that you have the cutest kid ever.” Awwwww, warms a mama’s heart. And then Caleb took off down the hall. Also, the doctor gave him a sticker with a car on it that Caleb put on his shoe. He likes to see his stickers when he walks.
Other updates: he repeats everything you say and is saying several new words each day. My favorite word mispronunciations are bumblebee (“Gmm Gmm Bee!”) and one version of yes (“Ahh-Dee!” usually said with much gusto.). He likes counting things, “Unnn, Dooo!” He is very good at running and kicking different balls while running. His is interested in potty training and will poop & pee in toilet 3-4 times a day (but he still has no problem going in his diaper). We give him an M&M when he goes, which he loves. I think he would stay outside all day long if I let him, especially if he’s around Grandpa’s horses and pigeons. He adores dirt and anything that digs, sifts, and transports dirt. His favorite songs are “Mahna Mahna” by Cake and “The Yeah Yeah Yeah” song by The Flaming Lips. He also loves jazz piano so I bought him some Meade “lux” Lewis and Marian McPartland albums. He claps at the end of every song. He is still my helper and is in charge of feeding Ella in the morning, helps to wash the table, takes laundry out of the washer, and several other tasks we do together. He loves helping me give Ella baths. He is super awesome at climbing and is not afraid to go down any slide at the playgrounds, even the high super fast ones. He loves putting on hats & mittens and dancing around. Actually, he pretty much dances all the time. He also will risk his life to acquire any piece of technology and has successfully paused shows playing on our T.V. (while saying “All Done!”), updated my sister-in-law’s Firefox, hooked up his vTech game on the T.V., and can work my mom’s CD player until he finds the song he wants. We’ve started playing Memory games (as in Memory, The Game – the one with cards to match) and he loves it and will even play by himself (in his own weird way). And did I mention his love for balls and dirt?
Favorite books that we read way too much:
Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue
Goodnight Gorilla
Good Morning, Sweetie Pie! (a collection of poems)
Time for Bed
This Little Chick
How Much is that Doggie in the Window?