Baby Due in December (w00t w00t!), or Introducing Hyper-Hypo Lewis


This is the official announcement that Josh and I are expecting baby #2 in mid-December!
So far the pregnancy has gone very well and we have finally been over the many positive markers that make us feel open to tell others (especially the fact that people have started looking quizzically at my growing belly). At this point we are very excited, and feeling tired in advance of all the extra hoopla that a second child will bring. I am glad that I feel much more confident this time around.
As many of you know, I have a history of miscarriage – 4 to be exact. With Caleb I was doped up on progesterone supplements (just a random dosage) until I was 20 weeks along and was also put on several bed rests. I was eventually induced with him after being diagnosed with preeclampsia and HELPP Syndrome. After a lonely 6 day hospital stay, we finally brought Caleb home along with blood pressure equipment and regular calls to our nurse. (Really makes you want to try for another child, doesn’t it?)
I will say that my tumultuous pregnancy history has left me both smarter and more skeptical about medical processes and my body in general. It has increased my faith in God immensely. That being said, I think this pregnancy is going much better in part due to much more informed medical care and a very good doctor. I have been getting progesterone weekly, this time it is regularly adjusted to make up for what my body is (or is not… usually the case) producing. (Caleb likes to go into the clinic and loudly announce, “Mama SHOT!!!” to the receptionist.) I have also had regular ultrasounds to show that my cervix has developed correctly (unlike 2 of my miscarriages where it just fell apart while the baby was still alive). My doctor has also been doing more regular physical check-ups as well as monitoring both my nutrition, my activity, and my hormone levels.
After nearly blacking out at a car show a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a pattern of ringing in my ears, dizziness, nausea, clamming up, and near fainting whenever I am “up and about” for awhile. My doctor looked into this and said that my body basically cannot handle activities that rely on the large blood vessels, so I am not to do them anymore. The obsessive workaholic in me feels like a slacker, but I do treasure the health of this child over my fantastic work ability, so I sit and make lists for other people when I need help with something.
During my last doctor visit my doctor said, “Would you listen to that baby move? I haven’t heard a baby move like that for a long time.” She paused, looked at Caleb, and asked, “Did he move a lot?”
I replied, “Oh, yes. I actually had bruises down the left side of my rib cage from his moving.”
She said, “Well, I think you’re really going to have your hands full with these two.”
I have recently been nick-naming this child Hyper-Hypo since I’m a little over 15 weeks and his/her movement sometimes makes me stop and consciously refocus my breathing & balance. I don’t think I felt Caleb moving until I was maybe 19 weeks or so. So, perhaps little Hyper-Hypo Lewis is just living it up in there right now. Like a little hummingbird swimming in nectar.
Also, I am not bringing anything to any Christmas gatherings, so be forewarned. I’ve actually started mapping out my Christmas gifts (crazy, I know) already so I can have them ready well in advance of the “launch date.” We are also working on reorganizing Caleb’s room to accommodate two little monsters instead of just one. I am in the market for a toddler bed, but am really eyeing this one. Last, I am working out a plan to get back in shape & lose some weight after I’ve healed from this baby. I didn’t lose all of my baby weight with Caleb and I don’t want to keep tacking on a few pounds with every child. I’m so serious about this I wish I could start now, but you know, the whole high-risk, passing out, still nursing the toddler thing is keeping me from that. But, I can put together a plan and imagine myself in my favorite jeans again.
So, there’s the news. Hooray and hooray! We pray that, Lord willing, we will add this fourth member to our family come December. Thank you in advance for all of your love and prayers.
(Here’s Josh’s post on this news.)