Caleb @ 22 Months


I did an unofficial weight & measurement of Caleb when I went to the doctor today. Here are his current stats:
Weight: 24.3 lbs.
Height: 33.5″
I’m also glad I scored on his “next size of shoes” last week. I came home and he wanted to wear a pair and I put them on him, thinking they were too big. But, he was just fine in them and was running and climbing with no problems. Then, when I went to put his smaller size shoes on him he said, “No!” and went to get the other pair. So, he’s wearing his size 6 shoes now. He’s also wearing size 24 month pants & shorts, but I have to take in the waist on them because he’s so skinny. His 18 month pants look like high waters on him, but the waist fits correctly.
So, that’s where Caleb is at size-wise these days!
P.S. We had a rockin’ time painting pictures outside today. Today was the first time he actually tried to follow the lines of drawn shapes with his paintbrush. (I do still encourage him to experiment with the paint rather than do the anal-retentive paint-by-numbers method. Sorry, the art teacher emerges and encourages process over product at this age.)