Syrup Pancake Pants


Today Caleb and I were eating pancakes. He kept asking for more pancakes and more syrup and was very delighted as he ate them. When we were done, I cleaned him up and we went off to do some errands. Somehow, though, I kept getting sticky or I noticed that he was sticky somewhere I had already cleaned. I finally stopped to do a full search to see where the problem was.
Turns out that as we were eating, Caleb had been stuffing syrup and pancakes in the pocket of his shorts. As I emptied it and did my best to clean him off, I asked, “Caleb, WHY did you put pancakes and syrup in your pocket?”
In his best toddler-English, he replied (using spoken language & sign language), “Wait…. Eat!”
I think he was saving that sticky goodness for later.