Today Was Great, Meet Lewis #2


Lewis Baby - Face
So, technically this baby’s due date is December 22nd, 2009. But, today we got to meet him, yes HIM, via ultrasound. These are the things we learned about him.

  • Everything that could be healthy is healthy (heart, brain, spine, etc.)
  • He has Josh’s detached earlobes
  • He is a night owl, he was wide awake kicking me at 4 a.m but slept during the entire ultrasound. He was on his stomach so it was hard to get a good face shot.
  • He sleeps with one foot on top of the other, just like I do.
  • Pretty much everything about his size is average, except he has long legs. The ultrasound tech said he’d probably be tall and skinny.
  • He sleeps with his mouth open.
  • If he continues at his current growth rate, he’ll be between 7 and 8 pounds if he’s born full term.
  • He has a very round head shape.
  • Whenever we got a face shot of him it looked like he was chewing gum. Who knows why.

Caleb thinks we should name him “Ming.” Other than that, he doesn’t really care about what’s going on. If you ask him where the baby is, he will point to my belly.
Josh wanted to add that Caleb was the only son of an only son of an only son. He is excited that, by having two sons, the family name can branch out from here.
And, of course, if you know me, you know that I’ve always wanted a small herd of boys. The thought of a herd of girls makes me shudder a bit. So, while I would love to have a girl someday, I’m pretty darn excited to have two boys.
Josh and I feel blessed to have not one, but two boys come December!
Lewis Baby - Full Body