Celebrating Nine Years!


9th Anniversary, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

Yesterday, Josh and I celebrated nine years of marriage. I know, nine years? Wow. That’s a lot.
This last year has been a rocky one. It followed up moving across the country from California to Minnesota (in with my parents for a bit) and then buying a new house. Josh got a job, lost a job, and found another job. I got pregnant and have had lots of health issues from it. Caleb became a toddler (both wonderful and screamy). Life got a bit dark at times. We were both tired. A lot.
But, you know what? My husband and I are still in love like we were when we were younger. Only now it’s a stronger, more time tested, wiser, holier kind of love. It’s the kind of love that is built in Christ and can actually withstand those crappy kind of years. And even fill them with many holy and wonderful moments. And still the laughter. I love loving Josh. I think it’s my favorite hobby.
This pic is of us stopping to pick up my eyeglasses before heading out to Daniela’s for some gelato affogato. Oh my, I am pretty sure that’s my favorite dessert of all time. We also tried out a new Mexican restaurant and it had excellent salsa, tolerable tacos, and NO horchata. We’ll keep looking.
Tangent: California had a TON of awesome Mexican restaurants, and so far MN is pretty blah. A quick plug: I think maybe the best tacos so far have been at Dora’s, but their horchata is not tasty and they’re a long drive away. Actually, I pretty much judge a Mexican restaurant by the quality of their tacos and horchata. And also by how much cheese they put on my beans. Everything else is meh.
Also, thanks to Nathan & Kristin for watching Caleb for us. Caleb is still talking about catching frogs with Nathan. Boys!
Oh, did I mention that my husband is wonderful? He is. I was trying to write some clever post about how wonderful he is, and have yet to clearly put it all in words. I’ll keep working on it.