35 Weeks Pregnant


35 Weeks Pregnant 4, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant! I have slowly been abandoning my cute pregnancy clothes as they are proving to not fit so well anymore. I have moved into the “please someone, help this poor woman” line of maternity clothes for this last stretch of the journey.
Hopefully I’ll go into labor naturally in the coming weeks. But, my liver has not been doing so well and my pelvic bone keeps twisting and separating, causing some serious pain. This could mean an induction if all medical signs point to “yes” (on the magic 8 ball that we all know that doctors use).
Regardless, I’m at that point in pregnancy where I have a very strong “bring it on” feeling toward labor. As I said during my last pregnancy, if giving birth meant that I had to get hit by a moving semi truck, I would be in the middle of the freeway right now! So, patience for me until the right time, then focus, then love and enjoyment of this little guy.