A Little More Normal


I haven’t posted since November 30th.

Actually, here are some telling signs of the cloud I’ve been in for the past many months.

At the doctor’s office a few weeks ago, I signed and dated a document as August 14th, 2009. The lady was like, “Um… It’s December 14th. Yeah. December.” I looked up at her, completely shocked that it was December.

Looking through photos of last summer, I realized there were no photos of swimming, volleyball, making sand castles, riding horses, traveling anywhere interesting, going to parks (local or state), or any of the regular things I do in the summer. I saw a picture from 2 summers ago and commented to my mom, “I can’t believe the kids have grown so much since summer.” My mom was like, “Um… that’s from two summers ago.”

This is the blur I have been living in since I embarked on a difficult pregnancy, then birth of the beautiful Jack. He was totally worth it, but boy oh boy was I living in a fog!