Jack 2 Month Update


Photo Session With Jack 11
Jack had his 2 month checkup at the doctor today. It went very well and he is doing excellently. There were only two issues that we discussed. First, I had some concerns about Jack’s digestive abilities. But, the doctor told me that his issues are common in little dudes and gave me some tips to improve them. Second, the doctor commented that Jack only seems to look to his right side, so I’m supposed to do things to encourage him to look left as well. (I’m thinking of doing my impersonation of Chevy Chase’s character in Three Amigos, “Lookup ‘ere! Lookup ‘ere!”) If I don’t do this, Jack may end up with a lopsided head into adulthood! Yeah, you read that right. (How many adults have lopsided heads because their mothers were negligent at getting them to look both directions? It’s okay, you can raise your hand, we’re all friends here…) That’s not exactly the kind of thing I want to be held responsible for years from now, so I’ll do what I can.
Jack is growing well:
Weight: 11 pounds, 6.2 ounces (44th percentile)
Length: 23.4 inches (69th percentile)
Head: 15.4 inches (30th percentile)
It’s fun to compare him to Caleb (in this post, a week older than Jack here). Caleb was a pound heavier, about 1/2″ shorter, and head size was about the same. I’m pretty sure that Jack will be much taller than Caleb someday, but we’ll see.
Today, Jack was also given the basic 2-month-old shots: DTAP/HBV/IPV, Pneumonia, HIB/PRP-T, and one oral vaccine (Rotavirus). I asked the doctor what Rotavirus is and he said it’s basically “a lot of diarrhea.” He also said, “I’m so glad we have the shot now, I treat fewer patients in the hospital with the diarrhea than I did before.” Isn’t the thought of a little baby with insane diarrhea very troubling? Praise God for the don’t-get-diarrhea-shot. (This would be a good time for me to say that I personally think death by diarrhea would be a horrible way to go. But let me make it public that if I do indeed die of diarrhea, I want to be buried in this shirt. I’m not kidding.)
Jack has started cooing in the past few days. Making the traditional adorable “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” sounds that babies are known for. Caleb impersonates him and they lie next to each other, Caleb giggling, as they impersonate each other’s simplified sounds. Heartwarming.
Caleb and Jack get along very well. Today I had Jack laying on my bed and Caleb flipped on the overhead fan and laid next to him singing the “Round and around and around and around!” song. He has introduced Jack to his favorite books (and recited Owl Moon and Good Night, Gorillain their entirety.) Caleb loves to help give Jack baths, change diapers, and get dressed. He comforts Jack when he cries, “It’s okay, baby Jack. Caleb is here. It’s okay, baby Jack.” The most helpful thing Caleb does is give Jack his pacifier when he needs it. How awesome is that?
I really really like Jack. I tell Josh that several times a day. I like him. I love him. He is the sweetest little guy. When he sees me his eyes light up and he does this gurgle, grunt, breathing thing and his legs run. They don’t kick, they literally run in the air. Sometimes when I am nursing him he will start to “run” and will catch on my body and go shooting up. So, when I say run, I mean run. So endearing. So sweet.
Thank you, God, for Jack. Wonderful are Your works, my soul knows it very well.