Jack 4 Month Update


Jack went to the doctor today. He got an oral vaccine and two shots. Here are his stats:
Weight: 14 Pounds (29th percentile)
Length: 24.7″ (39th percentile)
Head: 16.25″ (24th percentile)
If you’d like, you can compare him to Caleb. Caleb was almost two pounds heavier and had almost the exact same length and head circumference at this age.
Honestly, I was reading all the stuff that Caleb did at this age and it seems that Jack is just content to hang out and look around. He has made very few efforts to roll or move in any direction, and has not been successful at either. During tummy time, he will lift his head for long periods of time and do some “baby push-ups.” He is able to grasp objects you put in front of him and bang them around. He especially loves rattles and percussion instruments that you shake (various kinds of bells). He will also hit the keys of the xylophone and hit the tambourine if you place it in front of him.
Jack is a squealer. He will smile and squeal at you. He loves the poems from the book Let’s Count It Out, Jesse Bear and a variety of other books that we read. He reacts to his favorite parts by squealing and squirming around, and it is usually the same places in books we read regularly. He does the same with his favorite songs.
It is difficult to get Jack to laugh. But when he does laugh it makes my whole day. It’s a good, hearty, baby belly laugh.
Jack is just content with pretty much everything. I’d say he’s your typical “good baby.” He falls asleep on his own. Doesn’t cry much and stops immediately once his need has been met. He still wakes twice a night to feed, but hardly cries when he wakes up and falls right back asleep after he eats. He loves to be carried in one of my many slings. I’d still say that he prefers me to others at this point, but will take pretty quickly to anyone who talks to him.
I have started feeding him rice cereal diluted with breast milk once a day. He loves eating and is very eager. I will start introducing a second daily meal of yellow vegetables in the coming days and weeks followed by green vegetables.
I just absolutely adore this little boy and am really enjoying being his mama!
(Add to this post –> I forgot to say that Jack is very tactile. He loves holding things in his hands and grasping them repeatedly. Caleb was very visual and liked things to look at over things to hold. Jack wants to hold things and will cry if there is nothing in his hands sometimes.)