Paragraphs that Start with Caleb


Caleb approached a girl at the library and said, “Hi, my name is Caleb, who are you?” Her mom said that her name was Micayla. Caleb said, “Oh, hi Micayla. I like books. I like the big horned owl. He goes hoo! hoo! Hoo-hoo-hoo hoo!” She looked at him strangely. Then he said, “Bye! See you later!” and went back to his book hunt.
Caleb approached a lady at church and said, “Oh, hi, Mrs. Lady. I see you have a baby. My has a baby too, his name is baby Jack. Your baby has 2 eyes, 1 nose, and 1 mouth, just like my baby!” They engaged in a short conversation afterwards that was quite adorable.
Caleb went with us to the International Culture Fair held at the local High School. One of the booths had Chinese arts and crafts, including a gifted teacher who was teaching kids how to drum. Caleb was the youngest kid there (with probably the worst rhythm), but he was so happy to be able to drum. He went back anytime there was a drum open and no line of kids. And then the teacher let him dance inside of the Chinese dragon. Caleb laid down on the floor part way through. I looked into the dragon and he said, “RAWR! The dragon is sleeping!” He had a blast.
Caleb went with me to visit Jenna in the hospital. We talked beforehand about some things you can do with someone in the hospital. I told him you can tell them that you love them, that you hope they feel better, and you can pray for them. When we went in Caleb said to Jenna, “Oh, hi Jenna! You have a tube in your nose. Looks like an owie. I see you have lots of friends with you…” as he gestured to her many stuffed animals. “Oh, yes, you have an audience of friends. The dog is a good friend. He is pink. I loves you. I hope you feel better from your owies and your sick. Now I will pray for you.” He clasped his hands and clenched his eyes shut (as though closing your eyes more tightly makes God more apt to answer your prayer). “Dear Jesus. Thank you for Jenna. Thank you for her audience of friends. Help her feel better. Help her to love you. We loves you Jesus. In Jesus name, amen!”
Caleb came with me to a wedding shower recently. After spending some time in the playroom, he came to me and said, “There are five girls playing. That is too many of the girls.”
Caleb is probably going to be a math nerd. A few weeks ago he was looking out of our window adding and subtracting birds. “There is one bird. Here comes another one! Now there are two birds. Here comes another one! Now there are three birds. One is flying back to the woods! Now there are two birds. Here come two birds! Now there are four birds….” And he was right every time.