Caleb is 3 Years Old!


Caleb turned three at the beginning of September. That is totally insane. He is no longer a little toddler, he is all boy. A boy who is a flurry of passion and activity. Can you keep up with him? I dare you to try. It is a sport, I tell you. A SPORT.
That being said, I wanted to jot down a bit about who he is and what he’s been up to these days.
HE LOVES BUGS. And frogs. And pretty much any other animal he can get his grubby little hands on. We are constantly tromping through the yard looking for something to catch. We have a series of clear little bottles displaying various bugs he has caught. We always release the frogs though because they are too awesome to let them decay in a little kid’s jar. Anyway, he is seriously passionate about these things right now. We read lots of books about them from the library and he is pretty knowledgeable about them. He can usually tell you what kind of insect or frog he has caught.
Captain Awesome 8
We read a lot of books. Maybe 10-20 a day. We try to do at least one activity related to the stories we have read each day. This particular day we made a “gingerbread boy” (out of sugar cookie dough because gingerbread… ugh!) after reading The Gingerbread Boy. We actually have been doing Sonlight’s Pre 3/4 Core along with other books I have selected. He gets “Super Awesome Custom-Tailored At Home Preschool.” Lucky kid, I know.
Our "Gingerbread" Boy
We built a ten foot square sandbox for the boys. It is colossal and awesome. Caleb loves building all kinds of stuff and playing with his trucks in it. Sometimes we dig a huge mountain in the middle and play king of the hill. Sometimes we rake it and make “dirt cheese” as Caleb calls it. (We watched a Reading Rainbow episode where they are raking the in-process cheese so he now thinks raking is for cheese.) Most people I know are horrified at the thought of letting their kids play in dirt. I just have a stiff-bristled brush by the door and brush everyone off before we go back in the house. It works. And we love being in dirt.
Boys Outside 2
And of course there is plenty of mess-, I mean ART-making.
Lazy Days 3
I love his personality. He is so thoughtful, helpful, and sensitive. He’s always buzzing (or should I say “stepping in time”?) with activity and songs and dance. I don’t think he knows how to walk. It’s always some kind of dance or skip or run. HE IS WEIRD. And totally hilarious. Like a good Lewis, he always has his audience in mind.
Playing Outside with the Boys 11
He got a bike. And currently isn’t really interested in bikes. It would probably help if he wasn’t so short and could actually reach the pedals.
Speaking of shortness, let me tell you about his annual doctor’s checkup. They tried the “big kids” eye test on Caleb and he got all of his letters right. The girl said she couldn’t believe he was only 3 and knew all of his letters. He did a really good job. He kept telling everyone he wanted to be a veterinarian or a doctor when he grows up (not prompted in any way by me). He loves Dr. Bratney and gets overly-conversational with him, which is totally hilarious. “Hey there, Dr. Bratney, it’s a blustery day, don’t you think? Oh yes. I will stand really still and close my eyes for you so you can listen to my ears. Did you know there is a drum in my ears? But it’s not a real drum, it’s an ear drum. Is that what that stethoscope is for? For my ears? Oh no, wait, I think it’s for the heart. Yeah….” When we got to the question about Caleb’s speaking ability, he said, “I don’t even need to ask you about his language development, I think we just had a collegiate conversation in the hallway.”
Caleb is 29.2 pounds (23rd percentile) and 35.8 inches tall (9th percentile). He’s a shortie!
115 - Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party
For his birthday we had a party at Grandpa Whiting’s house. Caleb dressed as Buzz Lightyear (because what little boy doesn’t want to be Buzz Lightyear on his birthday?). And he still loves Grandpa’s apples!
69 - Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party
63 - Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party
And get a look at that pony we are training! Wish I was shorter because that pony will be a FUN ride!
54 - Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party
Look at that face! This mama is totally in love with this child.
34 - Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party
I could go on and on about the hilarious things he says and does, but just read my Twitter feed and you’ll get the gist of it. However, I will leave you with this story. I told him to go to bed and he said he needed to get something first. After a minute, he emerged wearing this. He called it his “O” hat. Um… yeah. There is no shortage of laughter in our house! We love you Caleb!
1 - Caleb's O Hat and Jack